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A proper evaluation to determine the IIOT readiness of your process, factory or supply chain will help leverage IIOT devices into existing applications throughout your enterprise which will reduce downtime, improve process quality, avoid costly failure of critical components and help keep ownership costs down for years to come.


IIOT applications exist for every company in every sector of business. The opportunities for IIOT devices are endless and when properly integrated can make any process they are implemented in safer, more efficient, increase quality and be more cost effective to manage. IIOT devices are cost effective to integrate into applications such as the supply chain, manufacturing processes and water / waste water control plants because they are easy to connect to the internet.


IIOT strategy for existing processes or manufacturing facilities need to understand what is in for them, where can they take advantage of IIOT in their enterprise?  A great place to start is to understand what you have in terms of infrastructure. There are many things to consider so it’s best to approach IIOT deployment in small bites. Determining the infrastructure within the enterprise to verify IIOT readiness is paramount for success. Care should be taken to define in detail such things as hardware, software, network structure, IT policies, data base type and potential processes, just to name a few, that would maximize the biggest ROI for IIOT devices.

Once a thorough understanding of the infrastructure is done and analyzed, an upgrade to any deficient or even non-existing infrastructure areas should be undertaken. While this effort is completed IIOT devices could be selected to put into processes throughout the enterprise that leverage the greatest ROI.

IIOT is most impactful to you when you understand that you are basically taking advantage of data/information exchange, storing data or retrieving data to analyze throughout your enterprise which allows you to make better and more informed decisions quickly. Having the proper infrastructure is critical and involves many systems, disciplines and protocols to coordinate effective cost savings.


Through the implementation of standards, such as DIN EN ISO 9001-2008, IEC 61158, IEC 61784-2 and others which allow for the full open connectivity to edge capable sensors and devices in a reliable safe network that help protect your investments. IIOT relies on the internet and the ease and cost-effective way devices are connected to share data, make decision and increase cost savings. Development of new communication protocols paralleled with advances in technology are greatly impacting the way business will be successfully conducted in the future. That is why it is important to understand the direction and end goal of IIOT thru a coordinated effective standard. This is critical to protecting investments in IIOT as well as the future way we conduct business.


IIOT ROI is best associated with integration, installation and commissioning which streamline those tasks within a process that can apply IIOT devices. Because IIOT and edge computing devices “connect” easily, work within monitored networks, provide real time data all of which is supported by safe protocols while applying the latest industry standards, allow for the greatest ROI possible. It becomes necessary for  any company wanting to solidify its future to be prepared and invest in IIOT readiness throughout their enterprise.