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IIoT Integration

Industrial IoT Software

Optimize Factory Operations With Industrial IoT Software

When it comes to IIoT Integration, your software orchestrates everything.

Once devices and database connections are established within the software, your smart edge computing devices can transmit data you can evaluate and act upon.

Industrial IoT software encompasses everything from controlling processes to collecting data to sharing and analyzing data. A robust toolset helps companies tailor software applications to fit their needs. Some manufacturers may implement all the tools while others may only choose real-time data software. You can also mix and match Industrial IIoT software with hardware components.

    Industrial IoT software provides deeper insights, predicts machine failures

    Overall, industrial IIoT software provides you with deeper insights into your manufacturing operations, which drives better decision-making and reliable predictions. These insights help companies and operators prepare for a machine failure before it physically happens, for instance.

    To predict imminent machine failures, the software analyzes historical breakdown curves and real-time data. Anytime you leverage real-time data, your manufacturing is intelligent. For example, IIoT software can detect the slightest change in vibration of a pump, indicating premature bearing failure. These early-stage indications can alert maintenance and operations, averting downtime

    In addition to extensive data analysis capabilities, IIot software provides unparalleled factory control. Industrial IoT software can offer scalability features allowing users to start small and slowly move up towards a full-scale industrial application.

    Integrate all your systems through IIoT software

    Like legacy hardware, most manufacturers are also saddled with legacy software and the challenge of how to upgrade it or move onto an integrated system. Historically, software suites and packages were standalone systems, unable to communicate easily with other systems. IIot software can now combine the functionality of other suites like SCADA, MES and ERP in addition to sensors and hardware. With all your data in one place, you can make faster decisions using real-time analytics.

    Besides, maintaining legacy software is costly in terms of dollars and time. Old software requires constant patching and often lacks strong cybersecurity measures. Consequently, either the software stays stagnant and misses out on new options or you have to continuously backdate with new updates to maintain the tools and assets you need for manufacturing.

    IIot software can now combine the functionality of other suites like SCADA, MES and ERP in addition to sensors and hardware.

    Common Industrial IoT Software Questions

    Am I leaving value on the table by not taking advantage of IIoT software and its data driven decision making?

    The short answers is Yes. When it comes to IIoT, you are talking about granular data that the old ways simply cannot capture or process. At Results Engineering, we have extensive experience helping manufacturing companies escape the limits of the past and begin operating in the future.

    SCADA and DCS systems of the past could track, plot, and control devices in real time and could historically plot values; but they could not make analytically driven decisions.

    IoT adds so much more value to SCADA and DCS because it allows you to better manage waste and cost, while also allowing for predictability and improved planning for enhanced profitability. IoT is the perfect compliment to traditional SCADA and DCS systems.


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